Healthcare Workforce Solutions from Two Industry Leaders

If you're facing staffing and performance challenges, the Ascend Healthcare Workforce Solutions team can help you solve them, with industry-leading tools and decades of expertise from ATI and NHA.

Our solutions can help you provide your current allied health employees with a clear path for career advancement and fulfillment, and help your new graduate nurse employees pass the NCLEX and become practice-ready nurses.

Copyright © 2023 by Ascend Learning, LLC. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2023 by Ascend Learning, LLC. All rights reserved.

Orientation (OJT)

Start your employees on the right path, right away.

In many healthcare systems, getting employees up to speed on training and processes takes time. Time that is crucial to impacting patient outcomes. With our Orientation (OJT) Solution, you’ll get a standardized, evidence-based master plan for orientation and on-the-job training that will help new employees perform better, faster.

  • Mapped to national quality best practices, as well as regulatory and professional standards.
  • Plans and tools are easily implemented.
  • Continuously updated and optimized to the latest regulations and best practices.
  • Helps staff attain the eight pillars of becoming a patient-centered healthcare professional.

Career Path

Support employees’ new path.

Developing a committed workforce is critical to the success of any healthcare system. It’s been shown that retention increases when work environments provide support, direction and even training for employees’ career goals. That’s what our Career Path delivers. For nurses or allied health professionals looking to change specialties, it helps give them a clear path from one role to another.


Clinical Professional
Development Ladder

Give employees a path upward.

For many healthcare employees, if they don't see a path for professional growth within their job, they won't stay at that job. With our Clinical Professional Development Ladder, we help formulate opportunities and clear plans for employees who want to grow and advance in their current role, creating a cost-effective way to improve staff satisfaction, retention and in turn, positively impact patient outcomes.


Virtual-ATI® NCLEX Prep

Give employees a path upward.

If you’ve hired a nurse prior to them taking the NCLEX, it’s crucial that they pass it. With Virtual-ATI®, you’ll get a solution that is proven to help 96% of future nurses pass on the first try. This ensures that the nurse you hired will quickly become certified and practice ready.

To see the cost-savings that can deliver your healthcare system, use this Virtual-ATI® calculator:

Virtual-ATI ROI Calculator

On average, Virtual-ATI Students that are given the “Green Light” have a 1st-time pass rate of 97%.


Without Virtual-ATI

Total Cost per failing student: $42,500

Total cost of failing students: $

Total cost of failing students with 11% failure rate: $4,675

With Virtual-ATI

Cost per Nurse Graduate: $525

Total cost of Virtual-ATI: $

Potential Cost Avoidance:


If you’re ready to put these solutions to work for your healthcare system, contact us today.